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29-30 settembre 2015, Stuttgart

European MINT Convention

Europes TOP Event for MINT Talents as a unique international and pioneering conference with Recruiting-Exhibition, therefore, focuses on international applicants with MINT (STEM) qualifications. In the high-profile conference on the first day, along with national and European network partners from business, academia, politics and society, answers and approaches to international labor market issues, including how “Mobility and flexibility of labor in Europe” and “recognition of international degrees” are offered.
At the Recruiting-Exhibition Europe´s TOP MINT (STEM) Employer from different sectors are expected, including electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, the chemical industry, IT and biology, to find new employees and specialists for positions in Germany and abroad. In addition, also education providers, networks, universities and organizations will present. Prospective employers also have the opportunity to showcase their attractive career opportunities in an accompanying exhibition to job-seeking participants. This is the best opportunity for around 2,000 job-seekers from several European countries searching for new job openings. (Young) professionals, as well as students and career entrants from neighboring European countries are expected to approach potential employers.
Invited are all the ones who are involved in MINT issues in their daily work as well as interested applicants from home and abroad.
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